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How Quickly Can You File Bankruptcy

Hi, my name is Michael Hollins and I am the principal founding attorney here at Hollins bankruptcy law office, where we practice bankruptcy law. And we do it very well. I'm here today to talk about the topic. How quickly can you file bankruptcy? But first, if you'd like any information regarding bankruptcy chapter seven or chapter or team, please head over to There's a lot of great information and you can also set an appointment to speak with me there, or give us a call here at (866) 862-4557. Be happy to speak to you about your situation now on to the topic. How quickly can one file bankruptcy? Well, this is really, really something that a lot of people don't know is that the federal bankruptcy court has what is called electronic filing, meaning that at any given time, you can input the information, push the button on the laptop, computer and file your case.

24 hours, seven days a week, a case can be filed. Now, why is that important? Because when a case is filed in federal bankruptcy court, you are automatically given a case number. That case number with that case number comes protections from the federal court. Those protections are what stops, Gar, what stops lawsuits, what stops foreclosures, what stops evictions, what stops repossessions in their tracks. That's part of the protection that you hear me talking about. So is it possible to get with your bankruptcy attorney, call them on a Friday, give them all the information that they need to file your petition on a Saturday, have your case filed on a Sunday and then be able to stop a lawsuit that is scheduled for Monday or stop a garnishment or repossession? That is absolutely possible. You can file a bankruptcy on a Sunday, uh, with what we call an emergency filing and up a foreclosure or some an action that is supposed to take place that potentially will remove your assets on a Monday.

So to answer the question, how quickly can a bankruptcy case be filed? When can it be filed 24 7, and it can be filed as quickly as the information is given to your bankruptcy attorney. Now, if you, you find yourself in a position where you have a lawsuit court date coming up and you like to stop it in its tracks, or if there's a, a home foreclosure coming up or a garnishment you're being threatened with, you want to give us a call 8 6 6 8 6 2 4 5 5 7 or go to Hollands, set the appointment to give us a call, let us know your situation so that we can get your case filed. We can file at 24 7 so that we can stop that lawsuit. Stop that bad action that's going to happen and give you that fresh start that we are always talking about.

To answer the question. It can be a, a case can be filed 24 7. Well, I hope this was good information. I hope it was something that you found useful and you learned something. If you know anybody that may need this information, please share it. We always love the shares, uh, like the video as well, lets us know that you are watching subscribe to the channel. If you are looking at this on you, YouTube or Instagram, and again, I am attorney Michael Hollands. I'd like to thank you for watching and as always, please be safe.

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