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7 steps to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy during COVID

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to challenge individuals and business across the country, many people are turning to Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code for relief.

Step 1.

Call Hollins Bankruptcy Law Office at (844) B-DebtFree, that’s 844-233-2837 to set up a Zoom Meeting or telephone call to receive your free bankruptcy consultation. We will schedule for you a convenient day/time for the free consultation.

Step 2.

Review your financial information with your attorney during the free consultation. We’ll specifically be reviewing your income and your personal assets.

Step 3.

Provide your attorney with all of the paperwork/scanned documents requested for review and we will input it into your bankruptcy petition. Missing documents or improperly completed paperwork can lead to your case being thrown out or not having some debts dismissed.

Step 4.

Review your draft bankruptcy petition for accuracy before it is filed with the Bankruptcy Court. It is important that every question is complete, correct, and corresponds with the appropriate documentation requested. Following your review, sign your petition and give it to your attorney.

Step 5.

Take your required credit counseling course.

Step 6.

Attend your “Meeting of Creditors” with your attorney on the date and time specified by the Court. During COVID-19, these meetings may be held telephonically. At the Meeting of Creditors, you, your lawyer and your creditors will “appear.” You’ll have to answer questions from the trustee and (very rarely) creditors about your bankruptcy forms and finances.

Step 7.

Provide any follow-up information to your attorney from the Meeting of Creditors. Take your required course in personal financial management. Approximately 2 months following your Meeting of Creditors, receive your Discharge Order which declares all eligible debts to be forgiven. Your case is then closed and your debts are discharged.

As a debt relief attorney, Michael Hollins dispels his clients’ fears and misconceptions about bankruptcy law. He can help walk you through the process of qualifying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and obtain immediate relief.

Please call us between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Saturday to schedule your Zoom Meeting or telephone consultation if you think this process can help you and your family.

(844) B-DebtFree or 844-233-2837.

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