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  • Stop Wage Garnishment

  • Stop Most Lawsuits

  • Eliminate Debt

  • Income Tax Relief

  • Prevent Repossession

  • Stop Foreclosure

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Attorney Michael Hollins has provided his clients with high-quality legal representation since 2014.

Attorney Hollins is known for his friendly and professional demeanor with clients and is a strong and passionate advocate in court.

To Attorney Hollins, the best part of his job is when a client walks into his office overwhelmed by their financial circumstance and then walks out of his office armed with a plan to save their home, have a fresh start, and a smile.



All clients meet and work directly with Attorney Michael Hollins - from start to finish.  We do not use associates to attend hearings or to prepare the petitions.  We help explore all options, including credit counseling, debt settlement, and consumer bankruptcy chapter 7 & 13.  Clients leave our office with peace of mind knowing there are options.

Attorney Fees

Most cases are handled on a one time, flat-fee basis. No hidden charges. No surprises. Often paying legal fees that amount to a small fraction of their total debt, our clients are relieved from paying tens of thousands of dollars of burdensome debt.

Bankruptcy & Our Law Firm

Michael Hollins is a bankruptcy attorney with a degree in law and a bachelors degree in business.  Uniquely, our office helps clients with exploring debt relief options and how to rebuild credit thereafter.  Declaring bankruptcy is not the end of your financial life and credit, but rather a new beginning.  That said, we know its a difficult decision and having the right attorney will help.