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The documents listed below are necessary to complete your file:


  • Completed bankruptcy intake form. Click here to download. 

  • Driver's license (color)

  • Social security card

  • The last 2 years of federal and state taxes. All pages, all forms. NOT PASSWORD PROTECTED

    • Click here to request tax transcripts online, or call 800-908-9946.​

  • Last six months paystubs or proof of income

  • A copy of the Deed to your house. (if applicable)

  • A copy of your Vehicle title and insurance (if applicable)

  • Your most recent vehicle statement from the lender (if applicable)

  • A copy of the last 90 days' bank account statements. ALL ACCOUNTS (include CHIME, Venmo, PayPal, cash app, FSA accounts, etc). ALL PAGES

  • Business Owners:  Profit and Loss Statements for the last 6 months (if applicable)


These documents can be sent to our office via:

We will not accept jpg files or pictures from your phone. All files must be PDF format, in-focus, clear, and something you would be okay presenting to a federal court.


No scanner? Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT FEDEX. Download the free app, "Genius Scan" for your phone. It has a nice batch function and makes PDF files. Or, you can visit your local library.  They have computers that are free for your use.  See the information below:   

Files may NOT be password-protected


Your Driver's license must be in color.

Click here to get your credit report.

Click here if you need to schedule a phone call with Attorney Michael Hollins.



  1. You have completed all of the above,

  2. You have fully paid for your legal services,

  3. I have sent you a draft copy of your petition,

  4. You have reviewed it and electronically signed it on the portal, and

  5. I have emailed you a copy of your FILED petition along with your case number and further instructions.



  • You are not protected from your creditors just by paying me some (or all) of the fee.

  • You are not protected from your creditors when you take your class.

  • You are not protected from your creditors just because you signed your completed papers...

  • ...although all of these things are important requirements.

  • You are only protected when, *after* all that happens, I file your signed papers with the court and you have a case number from me...

  • it's in your best interest to make all the above happen as fast as possible.


Once your case is filed and you receive your case number, if a creditor calls  you should tell them:  

"Please don't call me again. I'm filing bankruptcy. My lawyer is Michael Hollins. His phone number is (866) 862-4557."


Likewise, I will ask you to provide additional documents, as requested by the Trustee to whom we're assigned.

Financial Management Course:

  • Once your case is filed you will need to log back into to take a Financial Management course. This course will be free to you and is required by the bankruptcy court.  Please take this course within 5 days of receiving your case number. 

Your Trustee Meeting Of Creditors:

  • Roughly 30 days after we file your case, you will appear at your 341(a) Meeting of Creditors and Trustee Meeting.

  • ​Generally, no creditors appear; this is very rare.

  • At your meeting, you will be placed under oath and asked questions by the Trustee who is assigned to your case. When your case is filed, I will email you a list of typical questions asked by the Trustee.

  • This meeting is non-confrontational and civil. You will not be yelled at or threatened or shamed.


Prior to your meeting please read the following documents:

Click here to read the Bankruptcy Information Sheet

Click here to read the Video Transcript

Also after we file, you are required to take a second course ("Debtor Education"). This is a mandatory course, takes about two hours, and can be done from home. I will email you a link to take the course.



Roughly 60 days after your meeting, the Court will issue your discharge. I will email you a copy, and you will receive a copy by mail a few days later. KEEP THIS DOCUMENT. It is among the most important documents in your case.


Case Closing

A few days after your discharge, your case will close. I will let you know by email once your case closes.

My contact information:

Michael Hollins


Local Numbers below:


30 Music Square West

Suite #301

Nashville, TN  37203



20550 Vernier

Harper Woods, MI  48225



          6000 Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN  37203



436 S. Saginaw St

Suite 300

Flint, MI  48502


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